Palais de Tokyo

For the LASCO PROJECT’s 4th edition, Palais de Tokyo invited Craig Costello to create several site-specific works through the museum.

Growing up in 1980s NYC writing graffiti, skateboarding, and listening to hip-hop and punk, DIY sensibility informed much of what Costello’s community did as youths. He was always looking to the environment as a creative space, finding new places to paint, from the tops of buildings to the deepest tunnels. With painting, it was about architecture, scale, and repetition to ensure his marks were seen.

While Costello no longer writes graffiti elements of these approaches are a major theme in his process and work. These installations continue a conversation of art in outdoor and public environments and participation with urban landscapes. Every facet of these paintings react to the shape, design, and features of the location.

Untitled, 2015, acrylic on wall, dimensions variable.

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